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Weight gain fantasies - everything you need to know about it

The image of a perfect body with a six-pack and not a single centimetre of fat on the hips has been used for decades by advertising and now also by social media as a symbol of eroticism and sexuality. What happens in reality, however, is that the ideal image is usually somewhat different when it comes to choosing a partner. Slightly overweight and the resulting little fat pads are described in many relationships as far more attractive than a well-trained and toned body. However, the love of fat can also go far beyond the famous little rolls of flab. Since there are usually no limits to sexual fantasies, a widespread fetish has also developed from this, namely the so-called "weight gain fantasies".

What can be widely defined as "weight gain fantasies"?

The term "weight gain fantasies" stands for a fetish in which the focus is on constantly increasing body weight. In this case, the partner's continuous weight gain usually triggers a big sense of pleasure in the other person. This is generally supported by a targeted fattening of the respective person. This type of fetish is also known as "fat fetish" and refers to the sexual arousal of people who are very overweight or even very obese. The so-called obesity has a particularly attractive and erotic effect on the followers of this fetish. In some cases, the unlimited ingestion of food can even lead to a limited mobility of the person being fed. However, this is a desired consequence for those involved. The bigger the better is the motto here.

The "weight gain fantasies" in a relationship

This fetish only works with mutual consent, as the main focus is on the constant weight gain of at least one partner. In such relationships, food supply is usually forced by one partner by providing the other with particularly high-calorie food at relatively short intervals. This is referred to as "feeding". This phenomenon is mainly found in heterosexual relationships, with the man most often taking the place of the provider. In most cases, women take the place of the so-called "feedee". This means the person who is fed and therefore who is supposed to gain weight quickly. However, this does not mean that this form of fetish does not take place in reverse. Male followers of this scene also like to put themselves in the position of "feedees" and let themselves be fed by their partners. In some relationships, the fetish is lived out by feeding each other. In this way, both partners gain weight together and thereby increase their sexual pleasure.

What makes a "feeder" special

A typical feeder takes care of the physical well-being of his or her partner and fulfils every culinary wish. In many cases, there is no need for direct demand, as a feeder is fully committed to feeding or fattening the other. This leads to the fulfilment of sexual desires and is largely described as an erotic act. This also includes watching while eating the meals. This strong love of gluttony is also called fat fetishism. Here, however, not only the desires of the "feeder" are fulfilled, but also those of the "feedee". Many followers of this fetish find it extremely satisfying to watch themselves gain weight. In this case, the joy of each additional kilo of body weight is celebrated with another sumptuous feast. The main thing is the change in the shape of one's own body. The fact that it becomes ever rounder and softer leads many people into a real ecstasy. Many followers of the fetish also practice so-called "stuffing" or "liquid stuffing". This involves stuffing oneself with solid or liquid food in order to see the belly grow. If done several times, this method also leads to an inevitable weight gain. Another method is the so-called "force feeding". This is considered a special technique in this field. Here, the partner to be fed is tied up and then stuffed with food. However, in most relationships this method is a kind of role play and is not associated with violence or coercion. It is only meant to increase mutual pleasure. Feeding is not about exercising power, but rather about achieving a common goal. A voluptuous body is the main point of interest here.

The attraction for overweight women

Most men are attracted to curvy bodies and therefore see this as the ideal image of an attractive woman. A considerable number of heterosexual men also likes particularly voluptuous women, who can be categorised as "Big Beautiful Women" (BBW for short) or "Super Sized Big Beautiful Women" (SSBBW for short). These terms originated in the USA and go back to the "Fat Acceptance Movement". This movement drew attention to the discrimination against overweight people and thus brought about a broader acceptance in society. Nowadays, however, these terms are known more in a sexual context. Fat fetishism has finally arrived in the porn industry.

The so-called "chubby fetish" refers specifically to chubby ladies in all weight categories. The fat fetish is expressed differently in different people, so the generally preferred figure cannot be determined in the fetish area either. The special softness of the body is often described as sexually attractive, which invites to cuddle up. In addition, women with a larger body usually have a more voluptuous décolleté than their slimmer counterparts. These characteristics are particularly popular with followers of the "chubby fetish". In this case, the size of the breast underlines the femininity of the women. This is not about a required minimum body weight, but rather about the innumerable curves and the lush proportions of the female body. Stocky ladies who are not shy with their charms but deliberately draw attention to their voluptuous bodies are considered particularly attractive among fat admirers.

The "weight gain fantasies" are well known in the fetish scene and also find some followers in this country. If this is done with mutual consent, the motto is: whatever you like is allowed.