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The term SSBBW, meaning Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman, plays a role in various fields. It is represented as a phenomenon in relationships between women and men or same-sex relationships, mostly in connection with eroticism. This text is about the term itself, various explanations of it, practices and contexts.

General reflections on large, heavy women.

Even in ancient times, well-fed women were often held in high esteem. For example, big ladies with thick arms and big thighs were considered healthy and fertile. In terms of eroticism and sexual practices, pronounced female curves have always been quite popular. In the context of Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman, words like fetish or feeding and fat admiring also appear. Fetish is about things that lead to sexual arousal as objects, body parts or fantasies.

Feeding in a relationship usually involves the man feeding the woman. The partner hopes that his partner will reach the shape that is particularly sexy for him. The woman can also feel a certain excitement while eating. Some women, regardless of eroticism and sex, simply find pleasure in their own full body, admiring it in the mirror. In the long term, this sometimes evolves into a marked Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman (SSBBW). Fat admiring can mean pure admiration of obesity, its sexual attraction or a kind of fetishism (fat fetish). Not infrequently, fantasy plays a major role in these variants.

In the 1980s and 90s, models were as thin and tall as possible, and many women emulated them. In the course of the digitalising world, changes towards more acceptance followed, which today increasingly determines our thinking. Freedom and diversity are particularly important factors here. Today, terms like Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) and also Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman (SSBBW) can be found quite often on the internet, for example. Whether for secret gratification, as a fantasy or clicked on out of genuine interest in a partnership, the quota is rising!

What is behind the term Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman?

The abbreviation SSBBW stands for "super sized big beautiful woman". This obesity officially starts with a body weight of about 140/ 150 kg and can be even more. Women who belong to Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman are generally in this range of overweight. In contrast, Big Beautiful Woman (BBW), for example, are represented in a weight range that starts at about 40 kg above normal weight and ends at around 120 kg body weight.

To determine whether you are overweight, however, it is more advisable to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). This can be easily calculated by dividing body weight by height squared. It also makes sense to include the age of the person concerned. For a 45-year-old woman with a height of 175 cm and a body weight of 150 kg, the BMI would then be 49. This means that she is clearly overweight (obese) and clearly points to SSBBW.

In contrast to Big Beautiful Woman, women described as Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman are not only fat but extremely overweight. Nevertheless, many men find such women attractive and romantic. The whole thing can be a kind of fetish, an inclination or preference that men don't like to make public. It may then be fulfilled in porn or other fantasies. But there are also many examples that prove that relationships between a SSBBW and a mostly "normal" man work well. What is the ultimate basis for the Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman phenomenon should be beside the point. What is decisive is that SSBBWs know exactly why they are satisfied with their figure.

Fat fetichism -- between big belly and squashing

The boundaries between fantasies, fat admiration, fetish, eroticism and sexual practice are very fluid. Sometimes, often quite automatically and spontaneously, one merges into the other. For example, fetishistic stuffing, i.e. stuffing oneself with food to get a big belly, can turn into demanding eroticism.

Big Belly, attraction by a bulging or flabby belly, can also change between pure admiring interest, sexual arousal and real sex.

Squashing is usually about a smaller, slimmer man being squeezed (almost crushed) by a Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman. In the process, the SSBBW partner can drop down on top of her partner, lie on top of her partner, or just sit on top of her partner. In this example too, admiration for very obese women, a certain adventurousness, romance as well as sexual desire are close to each other.

Baroque, Rococo, Rubens and SSBBW -- Similarities

In connection with Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman, terms like Rubens woman or Rubens figure may be heard from time to time. This is because the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens painted many pictures of women with voluptuous bodies. Men have always been attracted by particularly pronounced female curves. This was usually associated with secret desires for health, eroticism and fertility. Especially between 1600 and the end of 1800, i.e. in the Baroque and Rococo periods, BBW and SSBBW women were considered particularly attractive and popular. Desire for soft, tender body, looking for a certain maturity, for security, warmth and various aspects of seduction was the background for this. Since food was often scarce in those times, well-bodied women were also regarded as a kind of symbol of prosperity. Moreover, Peter Paul Rubens himself was a fan of corpulent women with pronounced curves.

Summarising the topic of SSBBW

The narrow boundaries and fluid transitions associated with overweight women mean that there is no clear conclusion on this topic. It is interesting to note that many women in the SSBBW group have great self-confidence in addition to marked voluptuous shapes. That makes them attractive to many men. If sympathy, admiration or even fetishism and eroticism then come into play, the whole thing just becomes even more variable.