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Fat fetishists admire well-fed people. A fetish basically refers to any object that can captivate or excite people sexually. While for some people it is role-play or latex or leather, other people find fat body particularly exciting.

Fat fetish: what does it mean?

Fat fetish is a obsession with obese people through the sex impulse. Often the love for fat people is also combined with a passion for feeding. Feeding (feederism) is a form of sexual behaviour in which a feeder feeds another person until they become overweight and they are sexually attractive by their partner. In this process, both the feeder and the fedee may experience sexual excitement. In most cases, this phenomenon occurs in heterosexual relationships where the man feeds the woman. The fat admirer is thus often male and attracted to disproportionately fat women. However, there are also women who like to feed their husband until he is overweight. In homosexual partnerships, the feeder is often referred to as the "encourager" and the fed as the "gainer".

What is the difference between fat fetish and feederism?

Fat fetish simply refers to a preference for fat partners or voluptuous curves. The preference can go together with feederism, but it does not necessarily have to.

What role does this fetish play in a relationship?

As with any sexual inclination, Fat Fetish plays a crucial role in a relationship. For a long-term relationship, communication is highly relevant. Therefore, it is important to talk openly and honestly about the needs, fears and concerns that go along with the fat fetish.

A fetish is merely a sexual inclination and says nothing about the quality of the relationship or the feelings for the person in question. Women get the feeling that their weight will never be a problem for their partner and that they are loved unconditionally. What is often declared as a flaw in society, such as love handles, stretch marks, cellulite or body fat, is passionately loved in Fat Fetish. Thus, the woman feels accepted and desired. These are feelings that she may not have been able to experience in her previous partnerships.

What are the different types?

In the context of Fat Fetish there are different forms, which are explained below

Fat Admiring

Fat Admiring can be a form of fetishism, but it does not necessarily have to be. The sexual partner is called "Big Beautiful Woman" (BBW) or "Big Handsome Man" (BHM). BBW refers to a woman who is obese or overweight. This is to be distinguished from a Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman (SSBBW), where a very obese woman is perceived as sexually attractive. The term "Big Beautiful Woman" comes from the Fat Acceptance movement, which is against overweight people discrimination. The term is meant to boost women's self-confidence and make them accept their bodies and themselves. In the meantime, however, the abbreviation has become established mainly in the sexual and pornographic context of Fat Fetish.


Feeding is about the pleasure that comes from feeding or fattening another person. The aim is for the partner to become significantly overweight. Feeding is different from fat admiration. A feeder wants to encourage a person who is initially slim or of normal weight to gain weight. The fat admirer, on the other hand, seeks out a partner who is already overweight. Thus Fat Admiring describes a sexual inclination for people who are obese. Fat Admirer translates as "admirer of body fat". Therefore, the process of gaining weight - in contrast to feeding - does not play a major role here.

Big belly fetish

An explicit preference for fat, soft and flabby bellies is called a "Big Belly Fetish". In "belly play", the partner plays with the belly fat of his partner in an erotic way.

Overeating Kink

If you overeat and you get excited by the feeling of fullness in your stomach, you are in the so-called "Overeating Kink".


The term "stuffing" is often used around the Fat Fetish. This describes the process of stuffing oneself until the belly protrudes. Foods such as legumes, fast food, onions or cabbage are particularly suitable for this.


This fetish describes the idea of being "squashed" by a woman during sex. In practice, the woman puts her entire body weight on the man so that she buries him underneath her.

Weight gain fantasies

In Weight Gain Fantasies, the person imagines their partner gaining weight. They are filled with fantasies about the beauty of their increasing body size.

Chubby fetish

The term "chubby" means " voluptuous" or "curvy". A chubby fetish therefore refers to a preference for chubby women or men.

Curvy Dating

Curvy dating also refers to the preference for dating curvy or overweight women (or men). There are special singles exchanges and online platforms for this that help with dating and finding a partner. Many overweight women feel comfortable on dating sites for overweight people.

Why do many men find plus size women attractive?

Although thin and skinny women are shown as the ideal of beauty in the media, many men find curves and curves in a woman sensual. The term BBW is not just used to describe a fetish. Rather, BBW is also associated with beautiful and confident plus size women. Although society in 2022 is much more open about sexuality, female body image is still partially a taboo topic.

Body positivity movements have already achieved success in strengthening the self-confidence of stronger women. However, the ideal image of a female figure in society still corresponds to a slim body.

Reasons why men find plus size women attractive: