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Many men prefer voluptuous women to slim ones. The reasons for this are many and depending on the man. But not all curvy women are the same. Find out why many men find curvy women attractive, what differences there are in sexual preferences and exciting dating tips in the following article.

Why men deny their attraction.

Although many men are attracted to curvy women, most do not admit it. The main reason for this is that women are still considered a status symbol by many. The inner values of a person are secondary. In order to avoid stupid comments and negative comments, some men do not even start a relationship with a curvy woman. On the one hand, this is the fault of our society, which constantly points out through advertisements, films and series that it is not "normal" to have a crush on a fat woman. They even practice this bodyshaming actively. Thus, the curvy women on the screen are usually the clumsy, stupid and rejected ones, who only become attractive to other people in the film through a makeover or even a miracle. On the other hand, of course, it's also the fault of those men for whom the opinion of those around them is more important than their own happiness. There is absolutely no reason not to stand by oneself and one's preferences.

What men find attractive about curvy women

Men appreciate the voluptuous curves of full-figured women. In the case of women, these are often expressed by the size of their breasts and bottom. Apart from their appearance, many men enjoy the fact that they have more to touch. In addition, curvy women are said to be more active and exuberant during sex.

In addition, curvy women often express a zest for life and have a great sense of humour. This is much more appealing to men than if a potential partner seems depressed.

According to a study, curvy women are much more relaxed and men who marry them are ten times happier in their marriage. According to this study, men find it attractive if their partner can also let things go when it comes to eating. Since the probability is increased that this is also the case with other things in everyday life.

The topic of weight loss is annoying

People prefer self-confident partners who stand by themselves and their bodies. If one of these partners is constantly preoccupied with losing weight, it radiates insecurity. In addition, the topics of conversation shift in a one-sided direction. The constant testing of a new diet can put an extreme strain on a relationship. To avoid this from the outset, many men consciously choose curvy women who are deliberately overweight.

What to keep in mind when dating curvy women

Basically, you should treat curvy women just like any other woman you want to meet. A self-confident appearance in the right outfit is the key. However, you should never appear arrogant. It is important to reveal something of your personality without talking about yourself all the time. Personal problems should not be brought up, as this comes across as whiny, insecure and unattractive. It is never wrong to express your own opinion. If you only speak after the other person's mouth, you are not credible, but it should still be possible to have an open discussion about the topic in question. Good conversations on dates are about common interests. Pretending to be interested in a hobby or activity is the wrong approach; instead, it is advisable to look for common ground.

Another no-go is to mention your ex-partner over and over again. This gives the impression that you are not over your ex. Furthermore, you should avoid talking about the woman's body weight, as this can be unpleasant for both parties. It should not be necessary to mention that there is no second chance for a first impression, which is why body care and the right styling are essential.

Ideas for the first date

The perfect location for the first date depends on the interests of the couple. There is no difference between slim and curvy women. Possible places for a first date are, for example:

The classic cinema is more for the second date. The dark cinema room exudes a cosy and intimate atmosphere, but you can't really get to know each other there.

Not all curvy women are the same

People are different, and this also applies to their sexual preferences. Some men like chubby women, and therefore prefer to date ladies who are only slightly overweight. The technical term for this type of dating is chubby dating. Others like women in a higher weight category. These curvy women are obese or on the verge of becoming obese and this tendency is called plus size dating.

There are also men who are attracted to Big Beautiful Women, BBW for short. In this case, the woman is clearly overweight, at least 40 kg above normal weight. Super Size Big Beautiful Woman (SSBBW) are a step up from this. These women have even more on their bones.

Feeding and Fat Fetish

Feeding is when one person is fed by the other. Until they reach a significant overweight. Both parties feel sexual arousal during this process. This fat fetish varies in intensity, ranging from mild to severe obesity. The man is often the one who feeds the woman. In some cases, curvy women develop sexual fantasies about gaining weight and act on them without consulting their partners.

However, this can also develop in the other direction. Some men become frustrated at the idea that their partner might want to lose weight. To prevent this, they take active steps against it and they make sure that the curvy woman remains a curvy woman.

In conclusion, it is not unusual to be attracted to curvy women. As described above, they have a lot to offer. The most important thing when choosing a partner is to listen to your feelings and not worry about what others think.