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What you need to know about chubby women

The world of eroticism has many aspects, interests and inclinations. During the sexual enlightenment of the 1960s and 70s, many of these inclinations were explored, examined and categorised. So was the so-called chubby fetish. But what is behind it and where does it differ from other inclinations or fetishes?

The Chubby Fetish

Chubby fetish is the sexual inclination towards chubby, round people. On the other hand, the totality of possible interpretations defines the inclination even more clearly and sets it apart from other supposedly identical or similar preferences: Those who like chubby porn or ""chubby"" people are attracted to chubby, rounded body shapes. As a rule, the focus is on natural voluptuousness. Partial ""reworking"" through artificial breasts, surgically operated bottom areas or other interventions, on the other hand, are not an issue here. Chubby describes the overall appearance of men or women, whereby the fullness of women's bodies is far more often seen under this term as a description of a sexual inclination. Occasionally, a person described as chubby is also associated with the proverbial baby fat. However, in no way are obsessions with children or adolescents or even paedophilic tendencies involved here. Instead, the term baby fat refers to individual physical attributes such as chubby cheeks, the beginnings of a double chin or a little more fullness in the hips, thighs or arms. In individual cases, it is merely a matter of the fullness of individual areas that is compared with the appearance of babies, although this phenotypically appears completely differently in adults. One could also say that this term merely negates and deliberately excludes an extremely slim, defined and well-trained body.

Chubby fetish - the sexual attraction of chubby women

The reasons why people are attracted to the chubby fetish are not universal. Everyone has their own reasons for finding chubby, round bodies attractive and sexually exciting. Reasons often mentioned include the desire for ""robustness"", as very slender, delicate bodies are seen as ""fragile"" and thus unsuitable for intense lovemaking. In addition, a more voluptuous body is perceived as erotic and attractive during lovemaking through the movement of the breasts or other parts of the body. Also, a chubby body often represents fertility and the ability to nourish and raise children. To be sure, childrens are not a primary topic in the sexual life of even chubby persons. However, other cultures with a far more public obsession with chubby persons clearly show that this is always accompanied by sexual attraction. In the end, there is a close link between maternal attributes and sexual attraction. However, this does not refer to any Oedipal tendencies, i.e. the desire for sex with one's own mother or mothers in general. In contrast, the tendency to rounded body shapes is often about a clear demarcation between the often staged youthful, sometimes almost childlike appearances of Western ideal images and ""real"" adult women.

Chubby porn - erotic films without silicone and surgeries

The difference between mainstream eroticism and chubby fetish becomes particularly clear when looking at erotic films, popularly known as ""porn"". Typical erotic films show actresses who follow the western body ideals of a slim, athletic and at the same time youthful body. Especially in the erotic industry, this often leads to completely exaggerated representations that are far away from reality. In so-called chubby porn, on the other hand, there is a clear contrast. Because here, natural curves and body proportions that would probably be described medically as ""overweight"" actually play the leading role. Thus, despite their existence as a niche, the actors and actresses here are far closer to the reality of society and thus create possibilities for identification that were undreamed of. Because suddenly ""any"" person, so to speak, the nice acquaintance, the neighbour or even the unknown person from the street, could be the leading lady. This opens up another possible interpretation for the tendency towards chubby porn: the desire for realistic people who are close to one in terms of body shapes and who can thus be integrated into one's own life without difficulty.

Chubby, BBW, SSBBW and Co. - What's the difference?

In addition to the quite broadly defined chubby fetish, there are countless other types of fetish and inclinations that are also basically concerned with voluptuousness and round body shapes. Accordingly, it is difficult to distinguish between the individual terms. Sometimes it is not even possible to draw a clear line, so that the transitions are at least fluid. Distinctions are then mainly made by the respective lovers themselves, who consciously assign themselves to one or the other direction based on their own criteria.

Weight and body shape

In addition to Chubby, the term BBW, which stands for Big Beautiful Women, is also used to describe the tendency towards fuller body shapes. Big does not refer to large in the sense of body size, but rather to fullness of body. The term Super Sized Big Beautiful Women, or SSBBW for short, goes one step further. The superlative ""plus size"" is added to the term ""big beautiful woman"". All the terms actually describe the appearance of a chubby figure. The essential difference, however, is the size. Where Chubby means rounded, BBW goes a step further with big or fat. SSBBW tops both previous ones and clearly defines itself as the upper end of the pole by ""super sized"".

Sexual attraction of round bodies versus ""chubby"" as an overall concept.

A completely different kind of distinction is possible when chubby fetish is to be distinguished from inclinations with the descriptions such as ""feeding"", ""weight gain fantasy"" or even ""fat admirer"". Here, on the one hand, the inclination towards chubby persons is purely about body shape and fullness. One could say it is a moment in time where curves and ""baby fat"" lead to an overall appearance that excites the respective viewers. As soon as feeding or weight gain plays a role, on the other hand, it is about a process or procedure that constitutes sexual attractiveness. Thus, feeding can be the focus of attention both as a process of eating and as a process of gaining weight. However, it is always about an overall situation in which the person at the centre of interest is, as it were, ""fattened up"" and thus given the desired fullness of body. It is true that sexual attractiveness also plays a role here. However, this comes from eating, gaining weight or ""just"" the fantasy of it. With Chubby Fetish, on the other hand, these things do not play a role. The inclination rather focuses on the body shape and sex itself.

Conclusion - Chubby fetish - desire for and with curvy partners

Chubby, i.e. the love of chubby bodies, clearly stands out from the mainstream of Western ideals. Idealised, youthful bodies are replaced by realistic, chubby bodies. Where chubby begins and where it crosses over into far more extreme directions is not clearly defined. Instead, each person defines for themselves where the boundaries of their own inclination lie. What is clear, on the other hand, is that the love of chubby figures is usually related to pure sexuality. Sexualised eating, feeding or ""fattening"", on the other hand, belongs to other, more extreme forms of inclination. Chubby fetish is thus on the one hand a kind of niche in the world of eroticism, but on the other hand it is very close to everyday people. Because they also have curves, possibly overweight and they are far from the idealised, stylised and exaggerated representations from the world of fashion, but also from the world of eroticism.