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BBW Admire and Fat Admire

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BBW Admire and Fat Admire - The Love of Fullness

The past decades were characterised by a one-sided beauty standard. If you look at the fashion industry of that time and today, this image becomes particularly clear. Slim bodies without any flaws have always represented beauty, success and eroticism. But the strict definition of what the dream body should look like simply does not apply to the majority of the world's population. However, this supposed perfectionism is not to everyone's taste. After all, eroticism is in the eye of the beholder. Many people prefer somewhat chubbier partners. Some people really adore heavily overweight bodies. This form of erotic admiration is also called BBW Admire or Fat Admire.

What the terms BBW Admire and Fat Admire stand for.

In general, the terms BBW Admire and Fat Admire can be understood as the sexual preference for chubby or obese bodies. The emphasis is on the corpulence of the sexual partner. They are sexually excited by the voluptuous curves of the other person and find erotic satisfaction in them. There are no limits to the preferred body weight in the BBW Admire and Fat Admire topics. The bigger the better seems to be the motto here. This sexual preference is especially wide spread among heterosexual men. The admiration of a woman's excess pounds is known as BBW Admire. The abbreviation "BBW" here stands for "Big Beautiful Woman". A somewhat more marked form is the preference for "Super Sized Beautiful Woman", which has become popular under the abbreviation "SSBW". These are already very overweight or also obese ladies. The male counterpart to BBW Admire is the term "Big Handsome Man" (BHM). These terms were supposed to send a signal against the discrimination of overweight people. Nowadays, however, they are mainly found in the field of eroticism and sexuality. They are meant to clarify at the very beginning what exactly awaits the viewer of pornographic images or films.

The increasing sexualisation of these terms leaded to the so-called "chubby fetish" or also "fat fetish". The terms Fat Admire and BBW Admire can also be counted among this fetish. This fetish is mainly about excess body weight and the associated fat rolls. These are considered exciting and extremely sensual. The fetish scene would be impossible to imagine without the pleasure that comes from touching a voluptuous body.

How the preference for extreme obesity is lived out in relationships.

Fat Admire and BBW Admire is lived out very differently in relationships. Many admirers of fat do not want to reveal their sexual preferences in public and therefore search for a suitable partner for a very long time. Moreover, this desire is expressed to different levels in each person. For this reason, several dating apps have already developed the topic of "curvy dating". With the help of these apps, the BBW Admire and the Fat Admire can also be lived out in public. This makes it possible to meet like-minded people without discrimination.

Once the right partner has been found, the love for voluptuous proportions is often expressed in the form of so-called "weight gain fantasies". In this case, the "fat fetish" is usually lived out by feeding the partner. This phenomenon is also called "feeding". The aim of this process is a continuous increase of weight. This is a very important part of Fat Admire and BBW Admire. Many followers of the fetish are excited by the idea of watching their partner gain weight and contributing to it themselves. Living out this fantasy is only possible with mutual consent. For this reason, the majority of those who are supposed to gain weight are thrilled by the change in their own body. A round belly and thick thighs are among the most desirable goals. They also describe the fact of being fed as particularly erotic. The goal of "feeding" is never the oppression of a partner, but rather to celebrate the joint achievement, namely weight gain. However, this "game" can also go until the person being fed is completely unable to move. In this fetish, there is usually no absolute upper limit as far as body fat is concerned. However, the followers of this fetish place themselves completely voluntarily in the complete dependence of their feeder partner.

The public image of BBW Admire and Fat Admire.

The love for more voluptuous ladies and men is very widespread, but is not always lived out in public. The reason for this might be a great fear of possible discrimination by one's own environment. Revealing this preference is often not considered socially acceptable and is therefore suppressed. In addition, "fat fetish" is not as well known in Europe as it is in the USA. In North America, the number of overweight and obese people is much higher than in Europe. This inevitably leads to a higher presence of the topic and is therefore discussed far more often. Due to this fact, a market for BBW Admire and Fat Admire has finally emerged. This is now also evident in the fashion industry. Numerous curvy models present the latest trends just like their slim colleagues. This also includes the showing of underwear and lingerie. The porn industry has also jumped on this train and has been marketing various films with overweight or obese people for some years now. These are becoming more and more popular among users and they are among the top genres in the industry.

Why men admire curvy women

Somewhat voluptuous women are quite popular in the male world. Often curves and a little bit of fat around the hips are even more attractive than perfect and slim bodies. One reason for this is the increased femininity that is associated with voluptuous body shapes. A big breast and large hips are considered particularly attractive. The bottom of chubby ladies is also described as immensely erotic. Nowadays, a large bottom is generally considered the ideal of beauty. Even slim women help to achieve this with specific training or cosmetic surgery. However, the natural version is generally considered more popular. These are usually softer and more shapely than artificial variants. According to many men, soft and voluminous body parts feel better to the touch and therefore lie better in the hand. These facts can all be seen as positive characteristics of curvy women's bodies.

Fortunately, tastes are different and so are the many different preferences. Especially in the area of eroticism and sexuality, nobody is the same as anyone else. Due to the infinite variety, there are of course also enough people interested in the topics BBW Admire and Fat Admire.